Readings and Prayers

First Reading:  (Lesson) Genesis 25: 19 – 34
Second Reading:  (Epistle) Romans 8: 12 – 25
Gospel Reading:  Matthew 13: 24–30,

They may be found at the Revised Common Lectionary website.


Prayers for the church in the Cycle of Prayer:

• In the Anglican Communion-worldwide, we pray for: The Anglican Church Osun North East (Ibadan, Nigeria) and their bishop Humphery Olumakaiye;

• In the Anglican Church of Canada we pray for: our Primate, Fred Hiltz; our National Indigenous Bishop, Mark MacDonald; our General Secretary Michael Thompson and General Synod Staff; our brother parish in Grand Rapids;

• In Our Diocese of Rupert’s Land we pray for: our Bishop, Donald Phillips; the people of the Parish of St. Mary Magdalene; The People of the Parish of St. James: Assiniboine; Beausejour; Rainy River; and Jackhead;

• In Our Parish Family we pray for: Beryl and Sam Taylor; Chris and Kelly Taylor; Donna Taylor and Nicholas Parrott; St. Matthews-Maryland Community Ministry; West Central Community Program;

• For Our Parish: St. Matthew’s, here in the heart of the city in the heart of God. Strengthen our church to be like a great tree giving shade and shelter to all who come. Under its branches let the people rest in your grace and be re-rooted in your kingdom’s work. May the streets of our community be holy ground beneath our feet.

Pray for people in need: the Villeneuve family; Margaret Moise; Cecilia Henderson; the Moraldo family; the Howell family; the Taylor family; Theodore Apetagon; the Trout family; the Omand family; May Henderson; Adam McAlpine; Allan and Jeanette Terlecki; Charlie and Helen Settee; Doug and Lydia Wilson;

Pray for those have died: Dave Villeneuve; Norma Trout; Stephen Edwards; Joanne; Mrs. Reid;

Pray for people celebrating: Roxanne Bighetty on her birthday;

Pray for those in Care Homes: Sylvester T; Zelda W; Winnie C; Stella J; Rose B.